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Tämä on ohjesivu moduulille Moduuli:Map

This module provides input parameters for mapframe and maplink functions supported by Extension:Kartographer. Usage:

Parameter Usage
type maplink or mapframe depending on which function should be invoked
geotype Point for individual points, Polygon for polygons
title Object name
latitude and longitude
zoom Zoom level of the map
marker-symbol Symbol, letter, or number for displaying on the map as marker
marker-color Color of the map marker
group Group of markers (see, eat, drink, etc.)
show Which marker groups to show (by default shows the most common groups like see, eat, drink, ...)
data data=values fills the polygon given by data
data=world;;values fills the area outside of the polygon
image Name of the image shown in the thumbnail
width and height map width and map height in px or % of screen width, only for mapframe